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This blog is here to, as much as possible, keep the mores of the Trump administration from being the new normal in American presidential politics.
Not since the Civil War has a president sought to abridge freedom of speech or of the press. No president has ever sought to keep extensive wealth in this country and all around the world while being the number one agent for the American peoples' business. Nobody with a decades' long sexual attraction to his own daughter has ever been president. No other president has been elected with the strong help of the illegal acts of a foreign country. No other president has neither held prior office nor has been a military general. No other president has ever claimed that he sacrificed more than a Gold Star family. No prior president has ever claimed a book to be his favorite, and then not be able to say anything about it immediately afterwards. No prior president has had speeches of Adolf Hitler as bedside reading for an extensive period of time. No prior president has been recorded describing an attempt to seduce another man's wife. No prior president has ever been recorded saying that he could just pick women up by their genitals. No prior president's comments about women have focused so much on their physical appearance. No president with a 4-F draft status has ever claimed at age 70 to be the healthiest presidential candidate ever. No prior presidential candidate has spent more than one minute of his debate time sniffing, as if something was coming out of his nose. Since the creation of the Geneva Convention, no president has ever formally disavowed any part of it. No prior president has been divorced twice, each time afterwards marrying the mistress with whom he has committed adultery.
If these things become the new normal, then the American experiment in free republicanism is over. There is some tiny chance that remembering the mores of a free republic can help heal the damage from this savage, brutal, political and military nightmare.

Monday, January 16, 2017

President-Elect Shares Stage with Mobster at New Year's Eve Fundraiser

Presidents-elect don't generally have mob-connected business associates who they have worked with for years on the stage of public fundraisers But Donald Trump does: Joseph "Joey No Socks" Cinque appeared on stage with him at a New Year's Eve fundraiser. Mr. Cinque runs the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Mr. Trump was an "Ambassador Extraordinaire" on the Academy's webThe site up until May 2015.  Mr. Trump appeared in a 2009 tribute video to Mr. Cinque, saying of him, "There's nobody like him. He's a special guy." At one time, Trump's adult sons, his chief operating officer, and his longtime butler were all members of the Academy's board.Two of the judges of the 2008 Miss Universe pageant were Cinque and Donald Trump, Jr. Cinque and the Academy lost a judgment to Stewart Rahr, a friend of Trump's, for failing to publish a "man of the year" article for him despite Rahr's paying a $25,000 fee. 
Cinque served as a judge with Donald Trump Jr. in the 2008 Miss Universe pageant.Trump friend Stewart Rahr, a billionaire pharmaceutical wholesaler, sued Cinque and his organization, saying that they failed to publish a "man of the year" profile of his philanthropic efforts despite being paid a $25,000 fee. A judge ruled Rahr was owed the $25,000. 
In May 2016, Mr. Trump said that he didn't know Mr. Cinque well and did not know of Mr. Cinque's criminal history. A 1995 New York magazine profile of Mr. Cinque said that police broke down his door to find a cache of stolen art including Mark Chagall prints. In 1985, according to court records, Mr. Cinque pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property.